“I purchased the unscented lotion for my 9-year-old daughter who has eczema. It has helped her so much and after she ran out one time, and noticed what a difference it makes, she makes sure I reorder before the bottle is even close to empty.”Abilene, TX – April

“My old face wash was discontinued and I frantically searched for a bar with similar ingredients. I tried a bunch and this was the clear winner. It is really helping to keep my skin clear. Just bought a bunch more Almond Butter Facial Bar!” Brooklyn, NY  - Jill

"Your foot cream is the best. My feet look and feel better than ever!" Kristen- TX, Sweetwater

"I have eczema and have breakouts especially during the summer. My friend gave me a bar of Patchouli soap as a gift. Within a few days, I noticed a definite improvement and my skin is totally clear now. I love this. I also purchased the unscented lotion and my husband and I both use it every day. Thank you so much for these great products." Abilene, TX  - Norma

"Absolutely wonderful wax melts! The wax melts quickly and evenly and the scent throw is terrific!!!!" Natalie- MO, Joplin

"My package arrived on time and completely safe, free of any damage. The candle smells very strong when opened and sniffed, but when burned it lets of a delicate smell that is truly reminiscent of a honeysuckle on a summer day. Great candle!"  Bill  - TN, Memphis

"I have a thirteen year old boy who getting to take a bath is almost impossible. I purchased several bars of your soap and told my son he could use it for everything including his hair. I am totally shocked he loves the soap and washes head to toe with it. Thanks." Mary  - CA, San Diego

"The Cedarwood soap smells amazing! Feels great! The scent isn't too overpowering." Brittany - NJ, Newark

"We were camping and the bees were terrible. We used the Insect Bite Relief on the bites and it helped so much with the pain and the swelling. Quick relief." Nicole- TX, Midland

"Your wax melts are awesome, I have several indoor pets and I bought the Citrus Cilantro wax melt to help cover up the pet odor and while not too strong the scent does make a difference. I also love the scent. It is so refreshing and soothing. My bedroom never smelled better!" Mildred  - TN, Gatlinburg

"I love the Bird of Paradise wax melt, this is my new favorite scent!" Kay- Los   Alamos, NM