Body Oil - Bath Oil - Moisturizing Skincare - All Natural and Vegan

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Body Oil - Bath Oil - Moisturizing Skincare - All Natural and Vegan

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This is our moisturizing Body Oil. Our body oil is great for all types of skin, and goes on light and soaks deep into dryskin. We use our custom blend of carrier oils and essential oils and fragrances to create our wonderful body oil.

Apply directly on skin wherever you need moisturizing, or for a great relaxing experience just add a liitle to you bath water.

We have the following scents available:

Almond- A smooth Almond scent

Agave Papaya Sunset- This is a duplicate of the new Bath & Body Works Fragrance- A lust blend of sweet agave and succulent papaya.

Baja Cactus Blossom- This is a duplicate of the new Bath & Body Works Fragrance. The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sunkissed coconut

Black Cherry- A rich complex cherry scent

Bombshell- A bouquet of white flowers with a touch of citrus on an amber and musk base.

Butt Naked - A great floral fruity scent, a customer favorite at our craft shows. Gotta Try it.

Cinnamon - Made with Cinnamon Essential Oil

Citrus- A crisp blend of Orange and Tangerine Essential Oils

Coconut- Our best coconut fragrance - A deep rich coconut scent.

Country Rain- A clean fresh linen scent

Cucumber Melon- A light pleasant scent, fresh and crisp combination.

Egyptian Musk- Soft white flower bouquet on a strong background of musk.

Endless Love- A duplicate of the popular Victoria's Secret* fragrance, a delightfully delicate marriage of citrus and sage mingling with apple, melon and ylang ylang.  Undertones mossy woods and vanilla musk create a silken impression as the fragrance unfolds.

Endless Weekend- This is a duplicate of the new Bath & Body Works Fragrance. An exciting blend of Raspberry, Magnolia, and Vanilla Sandalwood.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil- The great scent of aromatic Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Gardenia- Smells just like real Gardenia flowers blooming.

Ginger and Pear - Our newest scent, a great light fruit scent accented with fresh ginger.

Ginger & Lime- A clean and refreshing scent. A beautiful blend of lime, lemon, orange and ginger. This is my personal favorite scent.

Hibiscus Guava Fresca- This is a duplicate of the new Bath & Body Works Fragrance. A blend of beautiful Hibiscus, Guava, and Beach Blossoms.

Honeysuckle- The true floral scent of Honeysuckle Essential Oil

Iced Pear Margarita- This is a duplicate of the new Bath & Body Works Fragrance. A juicy blend of Pear, Lemon, and Mango flowers.

Jasmine- Made with Jasmine Essential Oil. A true Jasmine fragrance

Lavender- A soothing and relaxing scent. Made with Lavender Essential Oil.

Leather- Rustic genuine Leather aroma

Lemongrass Sage- This is a duplicate of the popular Bath and Body Works fragrance. A Citrus Blend on a Herbal Background.

Love Spell- An enchanting seductive aroma

Mango- A blend of tropical melons

Nag Champa- A true Nag Champa scent.

Patchouli - The great scent of Patchouli Essential Oil

Peaches and Cream - A great aroma of creamy fresh peaches

Peppermint- Made with Peppermint Essential Oil- Relaxing and calming

Pink Grapefruit- The clean crisp scent of fresh peeled grapefruit. Made with Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Pink Sugar- The enticing aroma of sweet cotton candy, but not too sweet, this is a great lotion scent.

Plumeria- A tropical floral scent, great as a lotion fragrance.

Pure Seduction- This is a wonderful scent, a long lasting aroma. I love this scent.

Rose Petals - A true rose scent - divine

Rosemary- Made with Rosemary Essential Oil- Rosemary is known to help with mental focus.

Sandalwood - Earthy sensual aroma a favorite of men and women

Sex on the Beach- A playful rendition of the classic tropical mixed drink. A exotic tropical fruit scent- smells wonderful.

Sexy Little Thing- A fruity-floral blend of apple, exotic jasmine and sensual cashmere woods.

Spearmint- A true spearmint scent- refreshing and clean- made with Spearmint Essential Oil

Strawberry Kiwi- The great combination of ripe strawberry and exotic kiwi

Stress Relief - A stress relieving blend of essential oils.

Sweet Pea Flowers - A nice floral blend on a sweet pea base

Tea Tree- Made with Tea Tree Essential Oil- Tree Tree is a natural anti-fungal and antiseptic oil.

Teak Bamboo - A woodsy blend of teak, spices, and oak moss

Vanilla Cream- A smooth creamy vanilla scent

Vanilla Lavender- We have combined the calming aroma of Lavender with Smooth Vanilla.

Venice Peach Bellini- This is a duplicate of the new Bath & Body Works Fragrance. A Romantic Blend of sparkling peach, sweet orange and juicy mandarin.

Volcano - The scent of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, reminiscent of the exotic tropical mountains. This is a must try scent


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